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St. Martin's 8th Grade Social Studies Wiki

This year you will be creating projects each month to supplement and hopefully help to make come alive the information you are reading and studying in Social Studies class. We will be exploring some new Web2.0 Tools like wikis, podcasting, VoiceThread and more.. If you're confused already, you might want to head over to our Glossary and see just what Web 2.0 and Wikis and VoiceThreads are.

Why Study History?

Each month you will be assigned to a group and your group will be contributing to or creating one of the following about the information you are studying in Social Studies:
  • Timeline (add to an interactive timeline)
  • Podcast
  • Multi-media Presentation: VoiceThread, Powerpoint, Animoto, Movie Maker, Photostory
  • Political Cartoon
  • Games
  • Quizzes

NOTE: You must bring your Social Studies book to the Computer Lab!!