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Flash Cards Assignment:

Flash cards have long been a tool used for studying and now with the help of the Internet, we can create an online set of flash cards that we can use online or print for use at home. The group in charge of the Flash Cards will:
  • Review the chapter(s) currently being studied in Social Studies
  • Using Google Docs, create a list of questions and answers for the Flash Cards. and come up with a series of questions and answers for the flash cards. There should be at least 20 questions in your set of Flash Cards. All members of the group must contribute to the list.
  • Go to Flash Card Machine and create a new set of Flash Cards. Make sure that you allow a Read-only URL for your set of flash cards. Each member of the group should create at least 5 of the cards.
  • Once your Flash Cards are complete, come back to the wiki and add the link to your Flash Cards to the Our Flash Cards page. Your link should be added to the top of the list on that page.