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Games are a fun way to review information for a test. You are going to create games that you and your classmates will play to see who can get the highest score.
  • Review the chapter(s) currently being studied in Social Studies
  • Using Google Docs, create a list of questions and answers for the games. There should be at least 20 questions in your game that apply to the current chapter(s). All members of the group must contribute to the list.
  • Go to the Education Game Generator at ClassTools.net Flash Card Machine and create your game. Each member of the group should take a turn while creating the game. Add a password to the game so the questions can't be edited - use room+the room number of the computer lab. Click on the gear on the lower right-hand of the screen to get the embed code for the wiki. Select the medium option and use the code provided to add your game to the wiki.
  • Come back to the wiki and create a new page for your game. Title it the Unit & Chapter that the game applies to and add the embed code from the above step.
  • Add the link to the new page you created to this page in the table below. The creators column should include the initials (not names!) of all members of the team that contributed to the games.
Links to Game Pages

A Sample Game

Click here for full screen version